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Digital Portfolio | Semester 2

Digital Portfolio
Semester 2
-Language and Literature(BI)     -Language Acquisition (English)     
-Math                                              -Art (Dance)
-Science                                          -PHE (Physical Education)
-I&S (Individual and Societies)   -DEAR (Drop Everything And Read)
-Islamic                                           -Design (cuisine)

Language and Literature (BI)=
In semester 2 of BI, we mostly studied for the national exam but we also learned about types of paragraphs and for the Summative Assessment we made a video about safety and for another Summative Assessment which is answering questions by writing down five argumentation paragraphs.
My favorite task from BI class is making the script for the video. I like it because I get to visualize how the video is going to be. Next time I do this work I should plan the video better.

In semester 2, math, we learned about 3D objects and when learning we made a 3D object and presentation as a Summative Assessment. For the Summative Assessment, I made a cube as the 3D object and it was relatively easy. For most of the time in math class, we studied for the national exam, so we only did a simple 3D object project other than studying.
In math, my favorite work on math was making the power point project for the Summative Assessment, because I like making presentations and it reminds you of what you already know and research new things. Next time I do this work I should be more careful when inserting the data.

I in semester 2 of science we were studying about earth and space. For the Summative Assessment, we made a group project about earth and space for a science fair. In my group, we made a diorama of a science fair. But just like math, most of the time we studied for the national exam. The skills we used to do the science fair=
Organization Skills
·         Bring necessary equipment and supplies to class
Creative-thinking Skills
“diorama of outer planets”
·         Use brainstorming and visual diagrams to generate new ideas and inquiries
·         Create original works and ideas; use existing works and ideas in new ways
Information Literacy Skills
·         Access information to be informed and inform others
In science, my favorite work is when we were told to fill in a sheet of paper with questions about the planets, because I learned things about things when I brought the sheet home. Next time I make a diorama with friends or a group project I should use my social skills by managing and resolve conflict, and work collaboratively in teams when doing a group project and the next time I do a information filling work I should be use self-management skills by Managing time and tasks effectively when doing the task and also use my research skills by Access information to be informed and inform others when researching
Reflection in science class=
-Balanced: At the science fair I was very serious when explaining but I played/chat with my friends when there was no visitor.
-communicator: When we remade the project in my house we had to communicate with my group mates about remaking the diorama and the time  to do it and who brings the materials.
-communicator: we fought and debated a lot.

I&S (Individual and Societies)=
In semester 2, I&S, We learned about global issues and did a lot of work, for example using the newspaper article as a source of information, discussing about littering, plastic, and forest fire. In I&S we also talked about human rights, and the Summative Assessment is making a comic strip about human rights.
My favorite work in I&S  is making a summary of a newspaper article with Praya about “no poverty”, I like it because “no poverty” is a very general global issue. Next time I do this work I should have better cooperation with my partner.

In Islamic, semester 2, we learned about ulul-azmi and khulafaur rasyidin. For the Summative Assessment we made a poster about a prophet that is an ulul-azmi. In Islamic, we mostly learn for the school exam.
My favorite work in Islamic is when working on the digital version of the Islamic poster. For the poster I chose a story from the stories of prophet Muhammad. I chose a story of prophet Muhammad because I wanted to explore a part of prophet Muhammad’s long story. Next time I do this work I should manage my time better

 Language Acquisition (English)=
In English, semester 2, we learned about idioms, food related things, and we also studied idioms for the school exam. After we studied about idioms, we answered question that was about a kid that got stuck after skiing.
My favorite task in English was watching the animal direction sensing video and writing down the reflection for it. I chose this work because I learned how both humans and animals find their way to their destination. Next time I do this work I should organize the data better.

Art (Dance)=
In semester 2 of dance, we learned about traditional dance techniques, for the Summative Assessment we made a presentation and we had to dance a traditional dances for the next unit.In the presentation, I chose the traditional dance tari topeng and indang badindin for the dance.
My favorite task in dance class is the first time practicing the dance. I like the task because we changed from tari jaipong into a dance we didn’t know about. Next time I do this work I should choose the dance more wisely.

PHE (Physical Education)=
In semester 2 of PHE, we learned about frisbee. At the beginning we made a presentation about frisbee’s to learn about it.
My favorite task from PHE class is when we played a game of Frisbee. I liked that task because it was my first time playing a game of Frisbee, although my Frisbee was accidentally broken. Next time I do this work I should be more careful when giving other my own items.

DEAR (Drop Everything And Read)=
In semester 2 of DEAR we learned about something called a biblioburro which is basically a transportable library. Biblioburro is a library on a donkey, so when we studied about it, we were told to make our own portable libraries.
My favorite task in DEAR is when we were drawing for the first design of our own transportable   library. I like this work because the drawings are very detailed and it makes the other group mates know the design. Next time I do this work I should help my friends more.

In semester 2 of design we learned about cooking, we made groups and chose a recipe and cooked it. Other than cooking we studied for Try Outs and made a full menu and research about the foods.
My favorite work in design is researching about foods, I like that work because my group can really get efficient and cooperative If we are serious. Next time I do this work I should not joke too much.

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Bimbingan Konseling(BK) & DEAR



In the BK classes we find out our love languge, play a game of saying the name of things in a certain amount of times. The most recent activity is finding out like our personality, and Igot like a detailed personality. The first lessons was about information about us, watching the short movie about Ronin, and the first ever lesson we were inttroduced to BK and we did curhat.


We have BK in the mushola and 103, but now we have BK at 305. we used to have BK on 11.20-12.00, but because the Jum'at prayer is faster now we didn't have BK. Mr.Qosyim, the BK teacher, gave a solution to that problem be making the BK lesson on 10.00-10.40

I think Mr.Qosyim is a good teacher and BK is my second favorite subject. My favorite work in BK is when we watched Ronin.


In Dear we learnt about te spine of the book, bibliography, and the book category using the hundreds.

We used to have DEAR in 103 and the library, but now we have DEAR in 305. We have DEAR at 12.50-01.30.

I like DEAR because its sometimes free from Tristan and the gang. My favorite lesson in BK is when we watched Matilda

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Design criteria A & B


The most liked price is cheap. Even if a child sometimes like expensive food. Adults also usually
Choose cheap or depends on healthiness or value. Adults like cheap food because their problably trying to save money. Adults also pick healthy to problably keep their body fit.


The most liked material is paper. Paper is most used by adults and teenagers. Paper is used problably because of it’s easy to throw.


The most liked flavor is salty/savory . All ages problably like salty because basically all main foods is salty. Some like sweet problably of desert. The others bar is things that can have different taste like milk, or dry foods.


The most liked healthiness is healthy. The bars was based on how people liked it cooked and if they like healthiness. Most adults like healthy food and dont make fried a favorite. Kids like healthy food but also like fried.

Recipes analysis

1.    Nasi uduk
·         4 cup beras, cuci bersih
·         4 batang sereh
·         2 lembar Daun salam
·         1 bungkus santan cair 65ml, campur dg air sekitar 250ml
·         2 butir bawang putih, geprek
·         Garam
·         Tempe yang dipotong panjang
·         Bawang putih dan merah yang dipotong tipis
·         1 butir telur
·         Timun dan tomat
·         Minyak

·         Carbohydrate= Rice
·         Protein= Egg
·         Fat= Coconut milk
·         Vitamins= Tempe
·         Minerals= tomato
·         Water= cucumber
Food combination= inproper because coconut milk, Tempeh, and egg have 10-25 grams of fat

2.    Hakau:

Bahan Kulit:
·         100 gr tepung tang mien
·         50 gr tepung sagu
·         200 ml air mendidih
·         1 sdm minyak goreng

Bahan Isi:
·         250 gr udang kupas, cincang kasar
·         1 sdt minyak wijen
·         1/4 sdt garam atau secukupnya
·         1/8 sdt merica bubuk
·         1/2 sdm tepung maizena
·         Wortel dipotong kecil
·         1 batang seledri

-          Carbohydrates= flour
-          Protein= shrimp
-          Fat= oil
-          Vitamins= minyak wijen
-          Minerals= celery
-          Water= boiled water

Food combination = Proper

3.    Caesar salad:

·         Lettuce
·         Bread
·         Garlic
·         Oil
·         Salt and pepper
·         Parsley
·         Mayonaise
·         Cheese
·         Cold water

-          Carbohydrates= Bread
-          Protein= cheese
-          Fat= mayonaise
-          Vitamins= garlic
-          Minerals= lettuce
-          Water= cold water

Food combination = Inproper because cheese, oil, and Mayonaise have fat. This recipe has an inproper food combining because it contains too much fat.

Own Recipe

Steamed dory burger
-          Dory fish= 9.100 RP  --  55.000 RP/ 6 burger
-          Onion= 2.000 RP  --  12.000 RP/ 6 burger
-          Garlic=1.000 RP
-          Burger bun=3.000 RP
-          Mayonaise=5.000 RP  --  30.000/6 burger
-          Salt and pepper=200 RP  --  35.000RP/pack
-          Water
-          Lemon=1.700  --  60.000/ 35 burger

Budget Total= 22.000 RP/1 burger

1.    Cut the onion into long slices, cut the garlic in thin slices, and slice the lemon to some slices, prepare steamer by pouring water into it, cut the dory into small fillet slices and season it after.
2.    Steam the dory with the onion and garlic on it and one lemon slice under the dory, after 5- 20 minutes open the steamer and lift the cooked dory, remove the lemon, and put the fish on a bun with the onion and garlic.
3.    Spread mayonaise on the other bun and finish the burger by puting the top buns mayonaise side on the dory.

·         Carbohydrate= burger bun
·         Protein= dory fish
·         Fat= Mayonaise
·         Vitamins= Lemon: vitamin C
·         Minerals= salt
·         Water= steaming water

Food combining = Proper, because there is only one source of everything and the bread is not with meat but fish.

-          Knife
-          Pan
-          Cutting board
-          Plate
-          Steamer/ Pengukus

·         Tortilla rap=2.000 RP
·         Lettuce=2.000 RP  --  80.000/ 40 quesadillas
·         Shrimp=3.400 RP  --  55.000 RP/ 16 quesadillas
·         Garlic and shallot=6.000 RP  --  120.000 RP/ 20 quesadillas
·         Salt and pepper=200 RP  --  35.000 RP
·         Oil=500 RP  --  25.000 RP
Budget total= 13.600/2 quesadillas

·         Carbohydrate: Tortilla rap
·         Protein: Shrimp
·         Fat: oil
·         Vitamins: lettuce
·         Minerals: Salt and pepper
·         Water: dough water

Food Combining:
Proper, because there is only one source of carb and fat and the protein is not beef, so it is ok to combine it with starch.

-          Pan
-          Spatula
-          Knife
-          Cutting board

·         Mashed potato=1.000 RP  --  2.000/ 2 bitterballen
·         Salt and pepper=200 RP  --   35.000
·         Champinion mushroom=2.000 RP  --  40.000/20 bitterballen
·         Shrimp= 3.400 RP  --  55.000 RP
·         Oil= 500 RP  --  25.000 RP
Total Budget= 13.200/ 2 bitterballen

·         Carbohydrate= Potato
·         Protein= shrimp
·         Fat= oil
·         Vitamins= mushroom
·         Minerals= salt and pepper
·         Water= boiling water

-          Bowl
-          Mortar and pestle
-          Pan
-          Spatula
-          Saucepan
-          wajan

Food combining
proper, because the nutrients are complete and the starch and shrimp is fine.

I want my packaging to be made out of paper because it is not like plastic that is not enviromental friendly because it has certain chemicals.

Advantages= Paper packaging is eco friendly and will decompose/mix to soil in a few months.
Disadvantages= If someone buys something wet or heavy, the paper packaging might is going to break(disintegrate).
Function= Paper is usually used for fast food and paper packaging can be recycled and paper is also renewable.

I want my packaging to have a logo and nutrient info and tagline. I want my packaging to be a paper bag.